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Fema Physical Therapy Center

Our center was founded on the idea that a smaller, privately owned clinic would provide better personal care that could not be rivaled in a managed care environment.

We believe that we have proved this thought by providing access to quality affordable health care based on the latest research and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our staff will strive to provide you with a personalized program that will include skilled manual therapy, soft tissue work, exercise instruction and education in self-management of your aches and pains.

This will enable you to get satisfactory results in a timely manner that will out pace any of the more traditional physical therapy practices.


                                                                  OUR MISSION:

We are committed to providing you the best care in physical therapy, using the newest approaches and treatments available, in a smaller, more caring environment, to ensure that you get individualized, personal care at an affordable cost.

a Physical Therapy Center